It got cold out in Bellingham. And it rained a bit. You know what that means! First, I have to retract my statement below, something about “the summer that never happened.” Well, it finally happened! Personally, I lived it up because I knew it would be short lived. Now we can move on and prepare our hearts & minds for another fantastic & exciting season of doing this sport, which thrives on the cold and wet and epic, in full. We know the mud will come. We can count on Mother Nature to come through for us here in the Great Northwet. We know the suffering will come, too. So I, the facilitator of all that is proper suffering, will now throw in a few tidbits to get you prepped:

First, a cool new book, hot off the presses: Head on over to to collect some printed background on this great new American trend in cycling. The author, Molly Hurford, is East-coast based, but I have to imagine it includes some of our favorite PNW riders and venues! We're a part of something special here, now available in paperback and eBook versions.

She's also got a great back story on that website about getting roped into cyclocross racing via the collegiate cycling scene. So I'll give a shout out to our local WWU Cycling team who have graciously helped me at races and will very likely be recruiting new members for fall training rides in just a few weeks! They were the Division II conference champions on the road and very often send delegates to race at Cyclocross Nationals as well as MTB. Plenty of good stuff happening up the hill. Contact Club Pres Ryan Wigg if you want to join their ranks. Now is the perfect time!

Second, CX PRACTICE! It starts next Wednesday, Aug 29th at the Padden ballfields, 6pm. This is the usual format you've gotten to know over the years, but just in case you're new to this (we always welcome newcomers to the scene!) - here is a simple flyer with more details. I am NOT the organizer of these intense evening grass gatherings, but the contact information is there if you need it.

What else do I got? OH - one of the fastest (& shortest) young men in the PNW on a CX or road bike is returning from a little racing stint in Europe. He's graced my races before, and his blog promises he will embark on a miniature cyclocross season. Does that mean he will attend the smallest CX series around? We can only hope he'll come raise our bar - with his power if not his stature - if so, I'll be sure to pay him off in Belgian chocolate (if he doesn't smuggle back more than he can eat).

There is, in fact, more I want to tell you, but sometimes the steam just needs to build up in the pipes. So there's your power-boosting snack for the week: Training opportunities. Reading materials. Clubs to join. Inspiring locals. Now, getting fit and getting your equipment ready are totally up to you!

See you on the road & trail,