2013-14 CCX Series Schedule

Year of the Permacourse

This is the full season schedule. For a race day schedule, please see our Categories page.

BBMX Work & Ride Party #1

Brought to you by Bellingham BMX on Sept 15, 2013

Come out to the new track and help us dial it in! We'll be there 10am to 4pm, digging up roots, grooming the trails, cutting back brush, set up stakes & fencing and whatever else needs tightening up for a big season ahead! You can certainly ride some hot laps as the work allows, so bring a bike!

BBMX Work & Ride Party #2

Brought to you by Bellingham BMX on Sept 22, 2013

Come out to the new track and help us dial it in! We'll be there 10am to 4pm, digging up roots, grooming the trails, cutting back brush, set up stakes & fencing and whatever else needs tightening up for a big season ahead! You can certainly ride some hot laps as the work allows, so bring a bike!

BBMX Prologue

Brought to you by Bellingham BMX on Sept 28, 2013

Want to help warm up the new permacourse at the Bellingham BMX 30 acre cycling-specific venue? Come see what we've been working on all year - the first permanent cyclocross course in the PNW, one of only three in the country, and the only one on private land! This gives us lots of options for layout and features which will be added over the weeks leading up to the first event.

This event will break from the standard format of CCX events (also changed up for 2013 with new categories). We will race in the afternoon & evening, after the BMX racing has ended. Why not try both?

We will also be breaking from the usual categories. Think hot laps with a relay.

MFG Cross Combo

Brought to you by MFG Cyclocross on Oct 5th & 6th, 2013

Also known as CCX@BCP, or the Bellingham Cross Project.

This is the grand opening of the Cascade Cross Series 2013 and we are going big! It will feature a brand new partnership with the MFG Cyclocross Series of Seattle! Race day schedules, categories and points will follow the format of each series: CCX #1 on Saturday, MFG #3 on Sunday (MFG@BCP). This will also be the official first race on our new permacourse at the Bellingham BMX venue that we've been working on since spring!

*** UPDATE 10/01/2013 ***
MFG has decided to not use our venue on Sunday due to unforeseen weather conditions creating a lot of mud up here (and everywhere) last weekend! We believe the weather forecast and several work parties this week will make it rideable for our season opener on Saturday, but perhaps not 1500 riders over two days! We apologize for any inconveniences - you are still welcome to enjoy the Pacific Northwet's first cyclocross permacourse on Saturday, but any accidental pre-registrations can also be refunded (BikeReg will keep the fee, sorry).

Silver Lake Double Cross

Brought to you by Friends of the Deming Library on Oct 12th & 13th, 2013

Another fantastic new venue enters the CCX fray for 2013 - Silver Lake Park in Maple Falls - along with a big festival atmosphere to make for a full weekend of fun for the whole family and another first - co-promoting a running race!

Overnight camping, BBQ & pizza vendors, live music and a DJ, a Kulshan Brewery beer garden, kids activities, a lake, logging museum tours, and a 5K/10K run on Sunday! All to raise funds for the Friends of the Deming Library who are helping organize a wonderful shebang to showcase this beautiful valley.

Woolley Cross

Brought to you by Skagit Bicycle Club and NWCC Dimensional on October 26, 2013

Thumbs up at Woolley Cross The course the NWCC Dimensional team lays up for you is now a staple in the healthy, balanced dirt diet of any good PNW cyclocrosser. This is considered by many to be a classic course of the north. Epic conditions during its appearance in the Seattle CX series some years ago stamped the site firmly into the minds of many mud aficionados, and it has come through for the Cascade Cross Series ever since. We can count on plenty of fun & challenges again this year!

You will find yourself in the off-the-beaten path of the Northern State Recreation Area, just east of the town of Sedro Woolley on the Cascade Highway (Hwy 20). The course construction comes to you courtesy of NWCC Cycling Team and your favorite USCF official and kickin' Masters category racer, Marshall Will.

Cross Border Clash

Brought to you by Jack's Bicycle Center and Traitor Cycles on November 2nd & 3rd, 2013

Many a great battle has been staged along boundary lines: the Mason-Dixon Line (Yankees v. Confederates), the Tug Fork river (Hatfields v. McCoys), the Columbia River (Sasquatch v. Unicorns). However, matters have been relatively peaceful along 49th parallel north (the exception being the Pig War of 1859) for a few centuries. That is, until NOW!

The cyclocross steam has been building on both the British Columbia and Washington sides of the Fourth Corner boundary for several years, and now all this tension is coming to a head right here in Whatcom County.

This is a DOUBLE HEADER meaning same race schedule both Saturday and Sunday. You can register for both days and save $5 ($50 or less).

There will be many special elements this weekend including a Boundary Bay Brewery & Alaskan beer garden both days and killer course features including two sand pits, a custom cyclocross pumptrack set by the crew at Traitor Cycles, and of course the Clash Cup to be taken home by the weekend champion!

“They may take our Trader Joes, but they will never take our CLASH CUP!” ~ Billy "Slavecart" Wallace, Bellingham, WA

Thanks Given'er @ Fort Nugent Park

Brought to you by Whidbey Island Cycling Club on Nov 22nd, 2014

A new venue in Oak Harbor hosted by our friends on Whidbey Island and winner of the Mens B in 2013, Brad Nelson. The park includes wide trails as part of an 18-hole golf course (think Cornwall), abundant parking, good bathrooms, and a huge playground. Definitely worth the 1 hour drive from Bellingham and a fun way to expand the range of this local series!

Zombie Xmas Cross

Brought to you by Kulshan Cycling Ambassadors on December 14th & 15th, 2013

2012 planted another amazing new venue called the Lutherwood Bible Camp into our quiver of excellence. This place has more terrain and diversity than you can imagine! Not to mention enough facilities to help you deal with the rugged elements out on Lake Samish in the winter - hot showers, a meal kitchen, fire pits with shelter, even cabins you can book for the weekend!

Coursewise, we've put together all the greatness you've come to expect out of Bellingham cyclocross with some added toughness to get you prepped for your annual food, family, shopping, & nog cocktail-induced coma, or the zombie apocalypse - whichever comes first!

Note, this event is replacing the five year run of Thriller Cross at Civic Fields which has been the traditional costume race in our series. The theme is Zombie Christmas.

Chiller Cross

Brought to you by Fanatike Bike Co. Race Team on January 11th, 2014

Zombie rides the Skinny Will it be chilly? Most likely. Will it be awesome to race 'cross in January? Most certainly! Will there be snow? A chance, but even at Nationals we often have snow. It's good for your handling skills. So harden the f' up!

This will be our fourth time out in January, and we're still the only cyclocross series in the PNW to cross into the new year. It is one of our most popular races, which leads us to believe it is obviously a good time to race 'cross! We've got the Belgium-esque weather. We've got the year-round outdoor ethic. Quitting in December? What are we, elves?

Fun+alley Race & Awards Party

Brought to you by Kulshan Brewing Co. on January 25th, 2014

Find the CacheThis is a social-but-not-simple, urban-to-rural, cyclocross treasure hunt ride, starting from the Awards Party location of Kulshan Brewery. This was inspired by the Nordzee Cross event we hosted a few years back and has involved to become one of the funnest events in the series!

It is primarily an award for everyone's dedication to local 'cross and an excuse for out-of-towners to come attend our party. We intend to give you a good day on the bike with friends, and warm you up for a great after party! Team up with locals if you need help finding fairly obvious local landmarks (with a Greenways/open space theme). Find the treasure, return to the brewery to cash in your booty, and come back to the brewery later for the overall series awards presentation, music, announcements, and just a good time capping off a fantastic season!