2016-17 CCX Series Schedule

Season X - the 10 Year Anniversary Edition!

This is the full season schedule. For a race day schedule, please see our Categories page.

BBMX Work Parties & Clinics

Brought to you by WWU Cycling on Aug-Sep TBA, 2016

Come out to the track and help us dial in the new, longer route (see the Google map, new section in red)!

We'll be there 10am to 2pm, grooming the trails, set up stakes & rope, and whatever else needs tightening up for a big season ahead! You can certainly ride some hot laps as the work allows, so bring a bike!

Bellingham BMX

Brought to you by Shuksan Velo Club on Oct. 8th, 2016

Of course we are returning to our permacourse at the Bellingham BMX venue, this time likely before it gets muddy. We'll have hard clay (hopefully softening with a bit of rain), grass, some bridges, a longer woods section, our custom Belgian stairs, and some new features to be added this year!

The course is mostly short rolling hills with some sand but also some very sticky sections, depending on weather. The abandoned golf course surface has mostly been reconditioned to short, new grass. We also have an open forest section to give you that loamy singletrack feel but still with room to pass.

Watch the short film called Everyone is Friends we made in partnership with Right On Brother Films during our amazing debut race in October 2013 as an entry into the WMBC Shoot the Trails fundraiser film competition. You should get a taste of amazing scene we have created just north of Bellingham! You can also check out the gallery for recent course condition images.

Coincidentally (perhaps), in 2016 Shoot the Trails immediately follows this event on Oct. 8th, 6pm at Settlemyer Hall in the Bellingham Tech College! What a double-header in the local cycling scene that will make!

Woolley Cross

Brought to you by Team Racepace on Oct 22, 2016

Thumbs up at Woolley Cross After serving as our season opener in 2015, Cascade Cross is returning to the popular Woolley Cross course with a fresh perspective. The Bellingham-based squad called Team Racepace has now adopted and mastered this course build, a fun & challenging layout with a nice mix of classic cyclocross features!

You will find yourself in the off-the-beaten path of the Northern State Recreation Area, just east of the town of Sedro Woolley on the Cascade Highway (Hwy 20). Old dilapidated barns, sweeping views of rugged, forested mountains, quiet wide open fields... come “get away from it all” while doing something zany with 150 other friendly bike nuts at the same time!

Lady racers can get involved & encouraged at new levels thanks to the work of Kirsten Jensen and Kristi Berg to organize a Whatcom Women Race Cross Clinic at 8:30am, just two hours before the Women Only racing hour!

Cross Border Clash

Brought to you by Jack's Bicycle Center and Queens of Dirt on Nov 5th, 2016

Many a great battle has been staged along boundary lines: the Mason-Dixon Line (Yankees v. Confederates), the Tug Fork river (Hatfields v. McCoys), the Columbia River (Sasquatch v. Unicorns). However, matters have been relatively peaceful along 49th parallel north (the exception being the Pig War of 1859) for a few centuries. That is, until NOW!

The cyclocross steam has been building on both the British Columbia and Washington sides of the Fourth Corner boundary for several years, and now all this tension is coming to a head right here in Whatcom County.

Singlespeed Pre-Worlds

Brought to you by CX Shenanigans on Nov 26-27, 2016

A special edition race to prepare you for 10th Anniversary Edition of SSCXWCPDX16, back in its hometown of Portland, OR on Dec. 2nd & 3rd, 2016!

Say you've never raced at a singlespeed cyclocross worlds but want to try it. Say you've never been to the biggest, most ridiculous party you've ever witnessed while also expecting to deliver a “performance” on a fast moving machine that requires steering.

Well, you need to practice! Take it from a seasoned SSCXWCer... there are certain elements you will want to get the hang of in advance of the big weekend. We will provide those elements. Just ask Brad Nelson, your champion from last year.

Note that the Saturday routine is only required if you are aiming for the main prize. The big event will be on Sunday (looking at you, bike shop employees).

Also, geared bikes will be accommodated but de-emphasized. You may want to look at using one of these DIY conversion techniques since it's good for two weekends of fun!

State Championships @ Fort Nugent Park

Brought to you by Whidbey Island Cycling Club on December 10th & 11th, 2016

The best new venue in the Cascade Cross quiver for a number of reasons, the double-header at Fort Nugent Park is hosted by our friends in the Whidbey Island Bicycle Club and the gracious City of Oak Harbor. This twisty, hilly, challenging course was discovered and designed by Brad Nelson, who was the winner of our Men B category in 2013, Single-speed Men overall in 2014 AND 2015, winner of the SSCX Pre-Worlds in 2015, and now a sales rep for the BodyFloat seatpost from Bellingham-based Cirrus Cycles.

The park includes wide trails as part of an 18-hole golf course (think Cornwall), abundant parking, good bathrooms, and a HUGE kids playground. Definitely worth the 1 hour drive from Bellingham and a fun way to expand the range of this local series!

In 2016, the Sunday edition of this race is the official Washington State Cyclocross Championships, so a USA Cycling license will be required. Day-of licenses will be available for certain categories, TBA.

Saturday will be a traditional Cascade Cross series race - a great way to butter up the course for Sunday! Book some local lodging for this one!

Bandit Cross

Brought to you by Fanatike Bike Co. Race Team on Jan 14, 2017

Zombie rides the Skinny In 2015, this race was been re-named from Chiller Cross to honor the memory of Bandit, Ryan's Australian Shepherd who assisted in the build out of every Cascade Cross course from October 2006 to January 2014. Rest in peace and mud, Bandit!

This will be our umpteenth time out in January, and we're STILL the only cyclocross series in the PNW to cross into the new year. It is one of our most popular races, which leads us to believe it is obviously a good time to race 'cross!

Note: we will NOT be hosting on the same weekend as cyclocross nationals in Hartford, CT this year because in the past several of our series leaders have traveled to compete at #CXNats!

Speedway Finale + Awards Party

Brought to you by Bellingham Grind Corps on Jan 28th, 2017

World Championships Weekend!

Finale PartyGrand Finale Race Venue announced as Hannegan Speedway!

The after party is our way of rewarding everyone who remains dedicated to local cyclocross late into the season.

It is also an opportunity to recognize the fastest, the fittest, or just the most consistent racers! We do the overall series awards presentation, music, announcements, and special contests for those that finish every race in the series.

It's gotta be one of the biggest and wildest bike racer parties in Bellingham!

Spring Smash

Brought to you by Kona Bikes on April 30th, 2016


It's time to open up another season in the wide array of fun & challenging cycling experiences brought to you by the Cascade Cross community! Should you dust off your 'cross bike? Trick out your mountain bike? Put fatter tires on your road bike? Choosing the right steed for the job is part of the adventure! You might wind up wanting a bike like the one pictured, which some would call a Monster Cross.

These is a mostly self-supported group ride. We will stash some basic support station supplies (water, beer) in strategic locations and make one tavern or gas station stop. You need to be able to fix your own flats, find your own way home if you bail (bailout points will be provided on final route description). We will have a lead, sweep, and middle man who know the full route to help riders of different paces along the way.

10 am at Fairhaven Park.

Approx. 50 miles with 4,500' of climbing. Here is the recon route on Strava (with one major climb missing to the top of Blanchard and one extra exploratory trip into the Land of the Lost that we'll call an optional finish). Plan on 5-7 hours, finishing back at the new Stones Throw Brewing for some goading, prizes and re-hydration.

33mm knobbies or bigger suggested. Suspension not required although a fair amount of singletrack will be ridden. The recon route above was all completed on cyclocross bikes, mostly with disc brakes and gravel tires, but you could call it intermediate-to-advanced cyclocrossing. Let's say if you have done a Cascade Cross race, you should not be too surprised by the technical features! Gearing for steep climbs could also make your day more enjoyable.
A pack with food, water, repair supplies, money, I.D. (for tavern) and warm clothes (as weather dictates).

Ride of the Valkyries

Brought to you by Odin on January 11th, 2015

“The Chooser of the Slain”

This is an exciting new rendition of our treasure hunt rides of years' past. Some would call it an interurban adventure ride. Some might call it a greenways cyclocross team race. Some might call it an alleycat with gravel paths, staircases, and singletrack instead of alleys. Either way, it's a great way to see the open space in & around Bellingham and ride (hard or easy) with your friends!

RIDE DAY: Sunday!

RIDE TIME: High Noon!

RIDE START: Kulshan Brewery!

RULES: See below!