Bandit Cross

Zombie rides the Skinny In 2015, this race was been re-named from Chiller Cross to honor the memory of Bandit, Ryan's Australian Shepherd who assisted in the build out of every Cascade Cross course from October 2006 to January 2014. Rest in peace and mud, Bandit!

This will be our umpteenth time out in January, and we're STILL the only cyclocross series in the PNW to cross into the new year. It is one of our most popular races, which leads us to believe it is obviously a good time to race 'cross!

Note: we will NOT be hosting on the same weekend as cyclocross nationals in Hartford, CT this year because in the past several of our series leaders have traveled to compete at #CXNats!

Cornwall Park :: Bellingham, WA

Brought to you by Fanatike Bike Co. Race Team on Jan 13, 2018

As an extra incentive for getting your bike out when it's really chilly, we like to provide a real special course for your late season enjoyment. It's that Bellingham classic from way back in the days of Belly Cross, Cornwall Park! The course design is often mixed up from year to year, with new trails & park sections and sometimes the directions reversed.

Below is a PDF image of the 2017 course. We also have an older layout on Google Maps.

PRE-REGISTRATION: is now available on

DIRECTIONS: Cornwall Park is in the heart of north Bellingham, right off Meridian St. just south of Bellis Fair Mall and I-5. The map address is 3428 Meridian St, Bellingham, WA 98225

The park has easy access off I-5. From either direction, take the Guide Meridian exit 256A (not the Bellis Fair ramp). Head south on Meridian to the next set of stoplights (1/2 mile) which is Birchwood Ave/Squalicum Pkwy.

There are two entrances on the left just past these first lights at Birchwood Ave. The second set of lights at Squalicum Way has the former park headquarters on the left. There's a bit of parking here, a playground, and public restrooms. You can cross the foot bridge over Squalicum Creek to access the course, or take the second left into the park shortly after that to access the center of the course and registration near the main field.

Alternate parking from the southern park entrance on Cornwall (off Illinois St) is indicated on the course map above. There is also an elementary school on Coolidge and a couple medical buildings on Birchwood/Squalicum Ave. if things get really tight.

From Vancouver, you can take I-5 from the Peace Arch or Truck Crossing. Alternatively, take 1 to Hwy. 13 (264th) to the sometimes lightly visited Aldergrove border crossing. Drive straight down Meridian about 25 km until you cross under I-5, then follow the directions above.

Special thanks to Bellingham Parks & Recreation for providing many Cascade Cross venues in the past and continuing to allow us to play on our bikes once per year in this Gem of the North. Here is their email ( to drop them a thank you note and words of encouragement for continuing to support local cyclocross. We don't want them to only hear commentary from other park users with different expectations for how parks should be used (frisbee golf, dog walking, bird watching, etc) and have a hard time sharing this public resource!

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