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Finale PartyThis is the reward for everyone's dedication to local cyclocross and an opportunity to recognize the fastest, the fittest, or just the most consistent racers! We do the overall series awards presentation, music, announcements, and special contests for those that race & finish every race.

It's a fine time capping off a fantastic season!

Baker Creek Place :: Bellingham, WA

Brought to you by The Collective on Jan 31st, 2015

The official season-end party for cyclocross racers and fans of all ages & orientations, complete with series overall awards, will be held from 6pm to 9pm on Saturday Jan. 31st right after the Bandit Cross series finale! The location is tentatively at Baker Creek Place in the Irongate District in Bellingham. Feel free to arrive early to help BBQ & stay late to help clean up!

This will also be a special closure to our 9th season of promotion cyclocross in and around Bellingham, as Bandit Cross will be Ryan's 50th race as a cyclocross promoter! Come listen to special announcements as we reflect on all this great history and look forward to the future as a community of awesome bike racers.

We're gonna run the food & drink a bit differently this year. We're going backyard BBQ style! Cascade Cross will provide the meat, plates & silverware, and a keg or two. The rest will be potluck style - bring a salad, dish, chips, or whatever you prefer to grill (if you are able, no pressure).

There will be Series Overall podium presentations around 7:30pm, prizes will be awarded, and speeches made!

Also up for grabs will be a Transition Rapture frame with some unknown contest of strength, balance, and resolve for those riders who raced and finished all 6 races!

Come blow out another year of amazing cyclocross racing, where each year gets more impressive than the one before and we set the bar high right in the heart of the nation's best cyclocross racing region!

In the hours between the last race of the day and the party start time at 6pm, we could recommend a few good hang-out spots in the neighborhood. Kulshan Brewery, of course, whose Pale and IPA will be available at our party. The new Hops & Headz has a great tap list, grub, sports on TV, and close to Cornwall Park. You can utilize the Bellingham Tap Trail. Don't spoil your appetite, however! We're grilling up big for everyone!

There is a short greenways-based ride possible from Cornwall Park, and it's only 2.5 miles! You just have to use a bit of cyclocross skill to get there.

Map of the route

The Rails to Trails (some would call Bay to Baker Trail) has been temporarily disrupted at James St. for a bridge construction project. Here you see the obstruction.

Here you see the way through. There will be a board placed to assist with the creek crossing.

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