Fun+alley Race & Awards Party

Find the CacheThis is a social-but-not-simple, urban-to-rural, cyclocross treasure hunt ride, starting from Kulshan Brewery. This was inspired by the Nordzee Cross event we hosted a few years back and has involved to become one of the funnest events in the series!

It is primarily an award for everyone's dedication to local 'cross and an excuse for out-of-towners to come attend our party. We intend to give you a good day on the bike with friends, and warm you up for a great after party! Team up with locals if you need help finding fairly obvious local landmarks (with a Greenways/open space theme). Find the treasure, return to the brewery to cash in your booty, and go to the after party later for the overall series awards presentation, music, announcements, and just a good time capping off a fantastic season!

Brought to you by Kulshan Brewing Co. on January 24th, 2015


Kulshan Brewery Co.THE START: Arrive at Kulshan Brewery at 11:00am to sign in, pay up, and receive these instructions again plus a set of clues & photographs of eight treasure chest locations. The race clock starts 15 mins after you receive the clues, so your team has to time to decipher the clues and plan a route. Note: you can arrive late & start late if you want, you will just be behind!

THE TEAM: You must ride in a team size of at least 3. There is no max size, but you must all arrive at the stations together. To get credit for the station, you must photograph your entire team there (minus the photographer). You can form teams at the brewery, pick up orphans & what-have-you, but the most competitive teams will likely be pre-arranged.

THE ROUTE: All 8 treasure chests are within town or reasonably close to town, approached mostly by road, fast trails, and just a few technical bits. The exact route is up to you and your team! Which way is the fastest? Which way is the most fun? Which way includes a stop at your favorite watering hole?

THE TREASURE: The chests are small black boxes, tucked away and flagged with Cascade Cross tape. The locations should be fairly easy to find with a few simple clues if you have been riding your bike around this town at all. Each chest will contain a unique coin. Just nab one coin for your team, take a photo, and get rolling!

THE BIKE: You can ride whatever bike you want, but something you would use in a CX race should get you to all the stations the fastest. If you want to outdo Joe Parietti, ride a BMX!

THE COST: A graduated scale:
FREE for those who started 7+ races this season.
$5 for those who started 4-6 races.
$10 for those who started 1-3 races.
If you didn't race at all this year, please chip in a suggested donation of $20 for all the mysterious fun and the pints of ale you will be rewarded with.

THE SAFETY: The responsibility & liability for rolling about town with your friends is all yours.

THE PRIZES: Each treasure chest contains a set of unique coins - one per team - and is redeemable for one pint of ale at the finale party. You must return to the brewery base station with your coins & show photos to the judges for verification to receive your pint vouchers. Collect all 8 or as many as you can or want to!

The fastest team gets some extra glory - they will be recognized with a podium presentation at the finale party and some more prizes!

THE FASTEST TIME: would be to reach all 8 stations AND return to the brewery in under 2 hours, 15 mins, but the course differs from last year, so we're not entirely sure.


The official season-end party for cyclocross racers and fans of all ages & orientations, complete with series overall awards, will be held from 6pm to 9pm (feel free to arrive early) on Saturday Jan. 24th right after the Fun+alley Race. The location is tentatively the Squalicum Yacht Club clubhouse in Squalicum Harbor in Bellingham.

Cascade Cross will provide some catered snacks and a keg or two. PINTS will be provided to Fun+alley Race participants (see above). There will be Series Overall podium presentations around 7:30pm, prizes will be awarded, and speeches made!

Come blow out another year of amazing cyclocross racing, where each year gets more impressive than the one before and we set the bar high right in the heart of the nation's best cyclocross racing region!

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