MFG Cross Combo

Also known as CCX@BCP, or the Bellingham Cross Project.

This is the grand opening of the Cascade Cross Series 2013 and we are going big! It will feature a brand new partnership with the MFG Cyclocross Series of Seattle! Race day schedules, categories and points will follow the format of each series: CCX #1 on Saturday, MFG #3 on Sunday (MFG@BCP). This will also be the official first race on our new permacourse at the Bellingham BMX venue that we've been working on since spring!

*** UPDATE 10/01/2013 ***
MFG has decided to not use our venue on Sunday due to unforeseen weather conditions creating a lot of mud up here (and everywhere) last weekend! We believe the weather forecast and several work parties this week will make it rideable for our season opener on Saturday, but perhaps not 1500 riders over two days! We apologize for any inconveniences - you are still welcome to enjoy the Pacific Northwet's first cyclocross permacourse on Saturday, but any accidental pre-registrations can also be refunded (BikeReg will keep the fee, sorry).

Bellingham BMX :: Bellingham, WA

Brought to you by MFG Cyclocross on Oct 5th & 6th, 2013

This 30-acre private venue is a former 9-hole golf course called New World Golf. It was abandoned for over five years and reclaimed by Cisco Rodriguez to convert into a top-notch USA BMX sanctioned race course called Bellingham BMX. After two full years of hard effort obtaining permits, upgrading buildings, and countless hours of moving dirt, his family was able to reintroduce this family-friendly sport of BMX to Bellingham! Many locals have taken advantage of the opportunity since racing started in late June 2013. However, he only needs about 5 of those 30 acres, so...

We were invited to come in and turn the remaining 25 acres into a permanent cyclocross and mountain bike venue. I started scouting the land in March 2013 when it was pretty wet and very overgrown. I found a line that I believed I could condition in time for fall (with a lot of weekends, equipment, & help). We began by trying to restore the existing grass into a smooth, fast surface but by late July determined it would be too lumpy and wound up just roto-tilling & scraping off the top layer with heavy equipment. So for now, even after raking & compacting the surface as best we can, we have very good early season mud conditions!

The course is rolling hills with some sand but also some very sticky sections. Leave your filetread at home! It's time to break out the Nov/December tires, seriously! If you're a singlespeeder, you might also want to gear down from your usual roadie set-up. I would not call this course “mountain bikey”, but it's muddy, hilly, and harder to keep the momentum rolling. We also have a nice, open, forested section to give you that single-track feel but still with room to pass.

This is a long-term project to create one of only three permanent cyclocross courses in the country currently, and the only one in the great Pacific Northwet! The grass will return in the spring and be conditioned to a buttery smooth surface. Alternate sections will be added with varying degrees of skill required: sand pits, bridges, whoop sections, etc. We're getting an early start unveiling this amazing piece of land to the cyclocross racing public and have worked our tails off to get it ready. We truly hope you enjoy it and look forward to more challenges in the future!

Below is a Strava-recorded test lap ride on a singlespeed on a fairly muddy day by an average rider (Cat 3 35+ male):

See also the Google Map with all the extra course details (team tents, registration, parking, etc.). We'll have some more accurate lap times following our Prologue on Sept. 28th. Come check it out & build up your home-course advantage!

BMX Racing:
If the weather permits, you can watch or experience top-notch BMX racing right inside the same venue on Friday night, 5pm-Dark, and Saturday, 10:00-1:00. With USA BMX, everyone gets a one-day free membership to try out the track. Kids love this sport and it's great for their future leg speed, bike handling, and racing confidence!

Food vendors:
Roll n' Smoke BBQ on Sunday!
WAFL STOP both days!
Kulshan Brewery beer garden to fundraise for Bellingham BMX!
Coffee, espresso, & baked goods by Motofish Coffee! (brought to you by MFG)

Neutral Mechanical Support:
Brought to you by Fanatik Bike Co.

Your favorite CCX party accessory, DJ IDLHNDS of the Bad Tenants, will be spinning tunes for you on Sunday!

is now open on

Bellingham BMX is at 5022 Guide Meridian (map) just north of Kelly Road and south of Smith Road. Look for a long chain link fence and white buildings painted with orange trim. It is across the road from a "Gifts & Things" store with flags & banners out front.

There is some parking within the venue, but on a big weekend like this we will require overflow. Look for parking signs near the intersection of Kelly Rd. at 4909 Guide Meridian, 1/4 mile south along the highway on the west side. Look for an empty 'For Lease' sign on a building next to Magnum Marine and parking attendants. We also have the lot at the red Auction building directly across Meridian on the east side, the corner of Kelly Rd. It is walkable or rideable on the wide shoulder! Look at the Google Map for car icons.

Riding Options:
The Guide Meridian is a highway, but the shoulder near the venue is wide & safe. Not so much in the zone near I-5 and the Bellis Fair Mall all the way to Walmart, so here are some alternate bike commute routes to the track via backroads & trails. These are relatively quiet & safe routes, one on roads with good bike lanes and/or light traffic, and one on a mix of urban trails & dirt roads on a pretty mountain (a.k.a. a cyclocross warmup)!

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